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    Armed conflict broke out in the Tigray region of Ethiopia on November 4, 2020. More than 5.5 million people have been affected, threatened by hunger, and 1.7 million people have been displaced from their homes within the region. More than 46,000 people have sought refuge in Sudan.

    The people of Tigray had and still lack access to basic services and humanitarian aid, and while the situation has improved some, many remain cut off from communications and electricity. This has made it difficult for many to gain access to health services and water supply.

    Nearly 100,000 Eritrean refugees were being sheltered in Tigray at the time the violence started, and as of May 2021, around 8,000 have been relocated to safer camps elsewhere.

    The Ethiopian government had called for a unilateral ceasefire, but it has not been accepted by all parties.

    Source: https://www.unrefugees.org/news/ethiopia-s-tigray-refugee-crisis-explained/

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