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    The Qemant have been caught in the crossfire of the Ethiopian crisis.

    While initially contained with the Tigray region, violence between the regional Tigray forces and the national army of Ethiopia has spread to neighbouring regions. Amhara, one such region, houses the Qemant, a minority ethic group that has long been marginalised within the country.

    Various sources have pointed to the Ethiopian military being involved in the destruction of numerous Qemant communities, where there has been evidence of artillery usage and the burning of civilian areas.

    Since July, over 2,000 ethnic Qemant have fled to Sudan. The latest attack was reported to be the burning of the Qemant village Belehwa, on the 27th of September.

    Source: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/10/6/finish-us-off-ethiopia-qemant-say-under-fire-in-armed-campaign

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