Meeting our promises to educate refugees during COVID-19

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    “I miss my school so much because it is my second home, and I miss my teachers,” says 14-year-old-Maya, a Syrian refugee living in Jordan.

    In April of 2020, over 170 countries enforced nationwide school closures, which put 1 billion children out of education. Looking at previous crises, it is known that the longer children remain out of school, the greater the risk that they do not return – for refugee children, however, the risk is much greater. Many families will emerge from the pandemic in even greater poverty and will no longer be able to afford school fees, school necessities and lack access to technologies needed for distance learning.

    To alleviate this, global donors must increase education funding and speed of delivery in order to allow local organisations to be innovative and adapt to new approaches of distance education for their specific contexts. Refugee insight should also be considered while designing and implementing programmes, because knowing their exact needs will lead to much greater effectiveness and sustainability of projects.


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